Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Other Side of My New Pantry Door: Magnet Board Tutorial

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This has been one of "those" weeks. You catch my drift.

I completed about 4 projects in the last few days. One I posted about here, the second worked out but I didn't ended up liking it for what I wanted and the other two were monumental FAILS. So even though I have been really busy this week, I feel like I have accomplished nothing. Zip. Zero.

On a positive note I am completely finished with the kitchen except for rugs. I have been putting off the rug thing because they can be expensive and I though I had a way to get around searching for them.


Wish me luck and pray that I can walk into a store and find some awesome inexpensive ones.

Now that would be a girls dream come true. Now on to the tutorial! Before we begin I have to apologize for the pictures. Most of my projects occur at night once the kiddos are in bed so the lighting is not great. I hope you can forgive me.

After completing my new fabulous chalkboard pantry door I decided the back was so flat, boring and useless. I decided the space was begging to be used so I decided to add a magnet board to it.

I primed and painted the door in a semi-gloss white and I let it dry overnight. 

I used an old magnet board that I was given years ago by my cute sis-in-law Melissa. If you don't already have one you can buy sheets of metal at Home Depot. At my local Home Depot they had a similar sized sheet of metal for around $19. It was in the plumbing section but you can ask someone at your local hardware store and they will show you where they are.

I held up my sheet metal where I wanted it, leveled it and marked each side with a pencil.

I used Liquid Nails Heavy Duty to attach the metal sheet to the door.

Make sure you apply enough to the surface to get a strong bond.

I lined up the metal with the lines I had already made and pressed it in place. 

Next I took strips of moulding and cut them to size using a miter saw. I painted them before I hung them so I would only have a few touch ups.

I used the same liquid nails to apply the moulding around the sheet metal.  Once all my pieces were up I used white wood filler between the pieces. I let that dry and then sanded and painted them. The cool swirly pattern was something my bro-in-law added to the magnet board for me.

This magnet board is going to clean up my of all my "to-do" papers off my fridge. I also have plans for a cute art wall in my kids play/school room so I can properly display their beautiful drawings instead of having them constantly falling off the fridge. 

See the magnets? I will be posting an awesome tutorial on how to make these soon. Hope you guys had a good week and a great weekend!

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  1. This is a fantastic idea. I love using the backs of doors for unexpected useful purposes.

    Thank you for sharing. I hope you don't mind if I share this on my blog soon (


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