Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My New Chalkboard Door and Tutorial

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First off, thanks for the great response to our "new" counters. We put our time and effort into making our home a happy and beautiful place for our fam but it is always nice to know that other people appreciate and like it.

So thanks!

A cute family we are friends with just did their counters and are also working on painting their cupboards. As soon as they are done I should be able to get some pictures for you all to see. That way you can see another version of "poor man's granite" as the hubby calls it.

Well on to the tutorial. While searching for inspiration for my kitchen I found this picture. And let me tell you, this kitchen understood me. We just got each other from the very beginning.

We are like besties.


So I started my search for my own chalkboard door. I found a few stores but no where I looked listed prices. When a company makes you contact them for pricing info, that is just another way for them to say "this is really expensive."

I knew I could use chalkboard paint but I wasn't sure how I was going to use it on my doors. They are the classic six panel door complete with faux wood grain. It just wouldn't work.

So I decided to purchase this instead. Your plain old slab door. I went to Home Depot to buy one, only to find out that my doors, all of them, are not your standard 30 inches.


They are 29 3/4 inches. To order a custom one it would make my cheap $22 door into a $90 door. Not so cheap anymore. We decided to buy a standard door and have them cut off 1/4 inch instead. I was told they don't usually do this but it worked out great for us.

I also priced out a chalkboard door while I was there. $519. Wow.


My hubby bought a butt marker to mark the notch for the hinges. They have instructions on the back of the package that explain how to mark and notch the door.

This is the door hung in my kitchen. Just a Plain Jane waiting to be all prettied up.

I purchased Rainbow Blackboard Paint from Dick Blick Art Supply. I bought this type of chalkboard paint because it is made to work with chalk markers. Most chalkboard paint won't stand up to the markers.

I also purchased 4 inch wide strips of thin hobby wood. You can purchase it at craft stores, like Joann's, in the wood craft section or at home improvement stores, like Home Depot, in the moulding section. I painted the wood boards white with a semi-gloss latex paint to match the trim around the door.

I painted the door with the chalkboard paint. The instructions said to do at least two coats. I did four because I'm paranoid. The small can I purchased covered four coats on the door plus I have extra for touch-ups.

Using some good ole' fashion liquid nails I glued the strips of wood to the edges like so.

Around things like the hinges, I marked the wood where I needed to cut it and then used a utility knife to cut it out.

I used white wood filler where to boards met. I let it dry, sanded and then did a quick touch up coat. Here she is all said and done.
And here she is in full use. I have my inspirational quote of the week, my menu plan, to do list and reminders of things I need at the grocery store.

And in case you need some inspiration yourself here is my quote of the week.

Also, I just wanted to let you know that I am now on day 5 of no kitchen table. Why you ask? Because I can't make up my mind and the most ridiculous things keep happening.

The kids think it is awesome that we have had a continual picnic in our living room.

So what do you think? Would you use a chalkboard door in your kitchen? Or anywhere else in your house?


  1. I love it! What a great idea. Now I'm thinking which door can I revamp in my house :)

  2. Charlyn, YOU ARE AMAZING!!! I love all that you have done.

  3. I just found your blog and I am in love! I am in a constant state of redo on a tight budget. I love seeing someone else in the same boat. Great job on all you have done. I am so inspired!

  4. I LOVE your door! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial. I started my own chalkboard door last night :-) Did you sand down any of the coats of the chalkboard paint for a smooth finish? After my first coat I've noticed some texture from using the roller...

  5. @Anonymous I did not sand in between coats. The paint I used seemed to level out and after several coats it left a smooth finish. Good luck with your door!


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