Sunday, March 13, 2011

And The Worst Blogger of The Year Goes To...

Best Blogger Tips

Yeah that's right.   I'll own up to it. One blog post during this week is just pitiful.

Even I will own up to it.

This week was just crazy busy! It started off with filing taxes. I always stress about taxes and compile way too much information, but hey at least I go prepared. We had a new CPA this year and he was great. He made it way less painful. Well, that and we got a return this year.

That may have helped ease the pain, too.

The hubster also built me 6 new pieces of furniture which we had to finish. The table which I showed you a preview of here was refinished THREE TIMES this week and having something to feed my family on was slightly more important then blogging.


I will make it up to ya'll this week. It is going to be a packed week full of tutorials, before and afters, recipes, fireworks, explosions!

Okay no fireworks or explosions.

They are not in my budget. Yeah, I'm cheap like that.

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  1. So creative. Really enjoy the tutorials. Thanks!


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