Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Alaska...America's Last Frontier

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Do you remember when I talked about spending time away from the Starter Home last summer? Well we did it because of the hubster's job. We are getting ready to head out again. We spent last summer it the hot south and this year...well we are voyaging to the final frontier...ALASKA (feeling a little treky right now). I am actually really excited.

 One thing that is really hard about being gone for the summer is that I have never had a garden. I think this year I am going to try container gardening for fruits and veggies.

Has anyone done this before?

I will have to learn about growing seasons there and what will do well but I am looking forward to the challenge!

Because we are moving so far away my husband will be driving the car while I fly with the 3 kiddos...alone.

Did I mention I will be alone?

I am actually not that worried about the flight but I am stressed about the check-in/carseat and baggage drop-off/security part. Trying to get 3 kids, stroller and diaper bags through security is no picnic but I think it beats spending a week in the car with the same 3 kids.

Two other big positives about Alaska are that I might run into these ladies.

Where does Sara Palin live?

And the most beautiful and wonderful Ana White! I would love to have a building lesson with her. My husband built me some wonderful furniture from her website. 

The next few weeks are going to be super crazy for me. I have started the nursery. I even got the walls painted but I am going to try and get it completed before I leave for the finale frontier. I also have to get everything packed and ready to go. You may have to bear with me over the next few weeks while I get my home in order to move, move and get unpacked. One positive is that I have a ton of tutorials to share with you...once I have time.

Thanks for your patience! 

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  1. She lives in Wasilla, 20 miles from Anchorage. Looked at a house there!
    Ana lives in the middle of nowhere, I wanna say 2 hours from Fairbanks? But I could be totally wrong on that.


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