Saturday, August 20, 2011

Away for the summer...

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So, I thought it was time for an apology. This summer has been busy and beautiful and full of new adventures for my cute little family but none of those adventures have included blogging.

We spent the beginning of our summer in Alaska and we loved every minute of it! Alaska has so much to do outside, which really is awesome when you have two very busy boys. I actually moved back to the Starter Home a few weeks ago but I have been without internet (and my hubby boooo).

We are on the road again and staying in hotels along the way.

I am currently typing this on the lobby computer in a hotel in Yakima, Washington.

Anyone ever been here?

This is wine country in Washington and it is beautiful to drive through all the vineyards. We should be heading home soon and I will pick up blogging again. I still have to reveal the final product of my kitchen and I am finishing projects for Ms V's nursery.

I hope all your summers are treating you well and we should probably catch up this fall :)

Thanks guys!


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