Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pulls, Sinks and Faucets...Oh My!

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Because of my lack of internet this last week I got a lot of sewing done from my to do list. Remember you can follow me on Pinterest and see some of my to-dos. I will share some pictures of my projects in a day or two. Ms V's closet is expanding!  

Like my lighting dilemma, it is pretty much impossible to DIY a sink, cabinet pulls or a faucet and all of those things are EX-PEN-SIVE!

I love bin pulls but when I  looked at places like Home Depot they were priced between $4-$5 each. Now, I have a small kitchen and with that price it was still going to cost around $100 just for cabinet hardware.

I started looking online to see if I could find a better deal. I came across a great little Ebay shop that you can find here that was selling the cup pulls for $1.79 each and my handles were around $1.30. Also, because I bought more than 25 knobs and pulls I got free shipping. So I paid around $50 for everything (including 7 pulls for a future furniture build). I felt that even though I couldn't DIY something cheap I still got a great deal and I love them!

Next I really wanted to replace my kitchen sink. We had an old stainless steel sink. I know that stainless steel can be done beautifully but my sink was not an example of that.

Again. after looking around a new kitchen sink was going to be paying at least $100. So I started looking online at a local classified website. We ended up finding a brand new acrylic white sink for only $40. Now that is saving some dough.

We also wanted a new faucet. I went online to ebay, again, and found a faucet for $20 because it was missing the side spray (it usually retailed at $120.) I then bought a side spray for $15. So my brand new sink and faucet set me back only $75!

I think there are some really great deals out there and you can definitely redo your kitchen or any room in your house on the cheap if you are willing to use your creativity, do your research and maybe even be a little patient .

On a completely unrelated note, does anyone watch Bachelorette? What is up with mask guy and why is Bentley such a jerk?

I really couldn't get over mask guy swimming with the mask on! All I could think of was the hilarious tan lines he will soon be rocking if he doesn't take it off!

Any favorites yet?

I have mine.


  1. How did you do the frosty glass on your four cabinets?

    Going to make the farmtable too and can't wait!

    1. I have a tutorial on it right here Good luck on that farm table we love ours!

  2. Hi there! I stumbled onto your kitchen countertop redo on Pinterest last night and have been reading through your blog all morning! LOVE it! We are very similar! I was curious how you were liking your acrylic sink? I really wanted one because of the costs but some of the reviews I read weren't as favorable to them. They look great to me. How have you liked it since you installed it? THANKS!! ; )

    1. I love my sink! One, considering that my husband and I have done all the remodeling the acrylic sink was much lighter and much easier to install then a cast iron sink. Two, now that it is installed, it is much, much easier to keep clean than my old stainless steel sink. There is only one drawback I can think of to an acrylic sink, you can't put anything extremely hot in it like a pot right off the stove or a pan right from the oven. Besides that I have loved it!


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