Thursday, February 3, 2011

Creating Glass Front Doors From Stock Cabinets

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When I first started working on my kitchen design I found that I loved glass front cabinets. I wasn't sure how I was going to accomplish this but I knew I wanted them.

Well I dived in head first and decided to give it my best shot and by best shot I mean I took a jigsaw to my cabinets.

I had already primed the cabinet doors but looking back I wish I would have cut them first. I ended up having to give these cabinets extra coats of paint to cover the marks left from my jigsaw.

First I used the drill to make starting points for my jigsaw blade in each corner. Make sure you wear safety glasses because you will get sawdust in your eyes. No fun.

Next I used my jigsaw and followed the line to cut out the inner panel.

I used an electric sander to smooth and even out the inside where I had cut.

I purchased a sheet of acrylic glass (plexi glass) from Home Depot instead or real glass. It isn't very expensive and it isn't nearly as difficult to cut as glass.

Measure your open space and add 2 inches to the height and width. For example if your opening measures 12x12 you would want to cut your glass 14x14. My husband cut them to size for me using a skil saw. Tape the lines you plan to cut with painters tape first. This will help the edge stay smooth. If you don't own a saw or don't want to use one you can buy a utility knife specially made for acrylic glass.

I purchased frosted window film and applied it to the glass before we hung them. I just followed the directions on the package. I have also heard that you can use clear contact paper as well. Window film comes in several different designs from plain frosted to rice paper. Make sure you clean your work surface and glass very well. Any little piece of dirt will cause bubbles.

My husband used plastic mirror holders to attach the acrylic glass to the cabinet doors. We could not attach them all in the same place because we had to make sure the doors would shut. Place them so you wont be able to see them through the glass.
Image from Home Depot

I was so happy with how they turned out. I think I still may paint the inside of the cabinets white and I still need to add some accent lighting to the top. I think it opens up the kitchen and makes it look up-to-date.

We are still wrapping up the last few projects and I can't wait to show you the final result!


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