Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Faux Kitchen

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My kitchen is the first on my to do list. I am so excited to show you how far it has come and I have so many tutorials to share! We have done all the work ourselves and everything is fake. You will see what I mean, I promise.

I am so proud!

We still have a few projects to wrap up so I can't reveal the transformation, but for now I will share some fantastic before shots.

These first two pictures are from when we first bought the house. I think the fact that I took these with a disposable camera just adds to how great this space is.

Each wall was a different color. We had some beautifully decorated light switches and the best light fixtures. Sigh. The yellow wall had over 35 nail holes in it.

That wall paper border above the door was the only part of it that was actually glued. The rest had been hanging with push pins. I loved the push pin idea. Way easier to take down.

Here is what it has looked like for the last five years... oh the yellow.  I swear it is not as bright as it looks in the picture... well maybe. In defense of my kitchen I actually had it decorated pretty cute. All country like, with reds and blacks and... yellow. But we lived in Alabama for the summer because of the hubbies work and I didn't put all the decor back up to take a picture.

Let's just say that I think I was a little obsessed with red. All of the accessories in the kitchen were red. Even my pot holders.

The only changes we had made in this picture were all of the appliances, blinds, the awesome yellow paint and the floors.

I love my floors. I am sorry I don't have a great picture of them because they are a beautiful slate.

Kind of.

Image from Home Depot

We used TrafficMaster Resilient Vinyl Tile Flooring. The image above is not the exact style we have. We bought a slate look and it even has texture of bumps and ridges like slate. They are tough stuff too. 

These are around .98 cents a square foot and they are peel and stick. That's right. They are like a giant, thick, industrial strength sticker. I scrubbed our linoleum floors clean and we just stuck them straight onto it. We used tile spacers and then grouted them just like tile. 

All of our friends and families have assumed it is real slate until we told them otherwise. You can only tell it isn't the real thing by running your hand over it. We got the look we wanted for about half the cost and it was way easier to install. You can cut it using an utility knife so no tile saw needed here.  

Stay tuned for the big reveal and a ton of new tutorials!


  1. Can you lay it over ceramic tyle?

    1. I am not sure. The only thing I would think would cause a problem is the grout in the old tile. I would go to Home Depot or Lowes (or some place like that) and talk to the flooring department about it. Good luck!


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